Saturday, May 16, 2009

meet your meat...

2 weeks ago our business communication lecturer miss Bina told us to create a blog,for those who don't have one to improve our english.So as a begining she told us to write about animals cruelty.On that day she show us a short clip tittle 'meet your meat' the whole clip is about the procedure of what must animals go through to become our food.At the starting of the short clip poultry like chicken are hit cruely with a metal rod whithout killing it,leaving them in pain and heavy injury.Later,the poultry are transfer to slaughter house without food and water,leaving them in pain and hunger.At that moment i was thinking why can't they kill them dirrectly,why must them go through so much suffering just to become the food we eat every single day.the second part was worst they show us the process of what the cows go thourgh before being saughter.the worst i have seen in the clip was what the butcher do to a cow when it is still alive and feeing.firstly they place the cow in a very small cage with no room to struggle then a man come behind the cow and cut off its 'private part' at the same time they also cut off its horn.At that momemt i can really feel the pain of the cow though its roaring of pain.that day after i saw that clip i really went for vegetarian food for that day only haha,because i really can't forget the images of what the cow go through.all this is only half of the clip because most of the students can't stand the violent of the short clip.

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