Thursday, July 9, 2009


the slogan that i choose is 'the way you like it' because in future if i am able to open my own bakery or cafe, i will do food that suit each of my costemers,because some times even if the food is good but it doesn't suits thier taste bud is still consider as bad food for i am not only going to do cake that suits my costemer's taste bud but if they wan to disign any kind of cake and i am skillful enough i will certainly happy to do it for them.futher more,i really like the meaning of 'the way u like it',why because we do it the way you like it,the taste you desire and a comfortable enviroment.

Monday, July 6, 2009


Divorce,why will it happen?I thought that marriage is all about understanding and believing in each other plus the word love is like so powerful.But,divorce still happens.Then I starting to realise that sometimes even when love is still there people still get divorce that is because they started to be rasional,why do i say so?because some times even how much we love a person when they did somethings that are unforgiveable, like taking drugs,hiting the other partner, having relationship with other people and so on, we still need take that action.But for some other cases they don't even have the word love in their relation or you can say puppy love, because of not thinking rasionaly and not mature enough they dont think too far ahead so that leads to divorce.I myself have heard alot of cases that the couple are force to get married because they did 'that' and get pragnent,so normally after the child is born or after few years they starts argue and fight so this also leds to divorce.As a conclusion,pick carefully choose people that you really love and also play save before marrage...

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

future learning..

now in the year 2009 technology has already grow to a certain level and for that the learning system has started to change.We are now starting to use computer to study, the benefit of using computer to study is mainly because, to cut down the use of papers that means trees and with computer we can do so many kinds of things it can it can act as a dictionary,calculater and so on,all that are to benefit students for a faster and more effective work. So now imagine how would study be in future.

Firstly I think in the future all the people are going to change books to computers, and for sure the computers then will be more advance compare to the computer now.secondly, i dont think there will be any more schools left because i think all the students would probably do studies at home with the online system.maybe in the future the whole world is going to have wimax sistem,everyone can use the would be able to online.It could be so fun studying in future.