Monday, July 6, 2009


Divorce,why will it happen?I thought that marriage is all about understanding and believing in each other plus the word love is like so powerful.But,divorce still happens.Then I starting to realise that sometimes even when love is still there people still get divorce that is because they started to be rasional,why do i say so?because some times even how much we love a person when they did somethings that are unforgiveable, like taking drugs,hiting the other partner, having relationship with other people and so on, we still need take that action.But for some other cases they don't even have the word love in their relation or you can say puppy love, because of not thinking rasionaly and not mature enough they dont think too far ahead so that leads to divorce.I myself have heard alot of cases that the couple are force to get married because they did 'that' and get pragnent,so normally after the child is born or after few years they starts argue and fight so this also leds to divorce.As a conclusion,pick carefully choose people that you really love and also play save before marrage...

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